PHP Web Development


PHP/MySQL offers a wide variety of features enabling to embed the webpage to HTML or HTML+ or even combining them with the web templates. There are many PHP frameworks available on the marketplace, but Digital GenNext is very keen in choosing the best one for the clients. The Laravel PHP framework uses WVC architecture that supports queue management. They have user-friendly dashboards with the code-driven configuration for web developers. Our PHP developers have well versed with the Phalcon a full stack PHP Development framework which offers the high level of optimization and grading performance. They provide security systems and caching features for the applications. We are proven to be the explorer of Symphony Framework in creating the PHP web application that mainly eliminates repetitive coding. The library has a massive collection that can rebuild, redesign and reuse. With all the latest technology used for PHP, we at Digital GenNext are choosing the frameworks that are handpicked for our clients.


Cake PHP