Trending JS Framework

Node JS

NodeJS is an open source platform used for the development of applications for high capabilities and potentials. They are reliable and faster with JavaScript runtime environment enabling the developers to write new modules effectively. At Digital GenNext, we use NodeJS as one of the significant platforms for developing various web and mobile applications. E-Commerce websites, Social networking sites, Collaborative applications, CMS Backend developers, Data management tools, Online Business Applications are built using NodeJS Development Services. They are incredibly smarter solution offering the most efficient business. As a reputed NodeJS development services company Digital GenNext provides seamless integration with APIs and other codes which are independently verified by the customers.

Angular JS

Are you looking for smart technology to win business? AngularJS is an open-source interactive and dynamic framework controlled by Google. It helps to build a user-friendly interface that boosts your business traction. We at Digital GenNext offer a wide range of Frontend Development services with AngularJS Development services including Custom AngularJS development Ajax development; Web & API service integration, UI/UX development, AngularJS consulting, maintenance and support. Our team at Digital GenNext is skilled in technologies like ReactJS, AngularJS, and VueJS. Angular JS framework allows extending HTML for developing any dynamic web content using two-way data binding and helps improve the testability and performance with minimal coding. Data Binding lets you choose “view-only” option instead of entire code-view. With its Declarative UI ability, it allows minimising your coding efforts to achieve the optimized results.
AngularJS makes use of MVC architecture that keeps the logic layer, presentation layer and data layer separate. AngularJS renders a dynamic view by combining information from the model and controller with the template. AngularJS Modularity allows you to develop applications where you can combine different modules together. Dependency Injection design pattern lets you remove the hard-coded dependencies from the software components. AngularJS allows flexibility using a JavaScript framework for creating single page applications (SPA).

React JS

Digital GenNext is a ReactJS development services company that has been providing quality services and solutions to the customers. Our applications incorporate functionalities like Virtual DOM, JSX, JavaScript Expressions, One-way data flow, Nested Elements, Attributes, Simple Components, Stateful Components, Component using External Plugins and many other components.

The team of experienced ReactJS developers at Digital GenNext work together to brainstorm for new, innovative and creative ideas for developing the applications. A few of these features are JSFiddle integration, JSX, Default Values and Prop Validation, JSX and React in Python Applications and testing flux. Some other features include Actions and the Dispatcher, Streaming React Elements, ReactDOM, Building the Facebook News Feed with Relay, Relay and GraphQL, Deprecating JSTransform and react-tools.

Vue JS